Cassandra Love Lambert

EFT- Tap out on Trauma: How clinical EFT Turns Your Pain into Power


Cassandra Love Lambert, Founder of C-Love, helps women overcome Trauma and feel more confidence, fulfillment and joy using both Clinical EFT Tapping and her Makeup Artistry. After a decade of dedication to her own healing path and journey with C-PTSD from Sexual Abuse; she is on a mission to set Trauma Survivors free from the emotional weight and cyclical patterns of their past. 

 Cassandra has touched over 10,000 with her art, making people feel heard, seen and beautiful. She has facilitated women’s Tapping circles for both Awaken Institute and The Moon Circle and is currently creating a Gaslighting Series for women with Derek Hart from Understand Each Other. After working more intimately with her, people are saying they feel lighter, have more clarity and confidence to move forward, and aren’t haunted or limited by their past any longer.  

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