David Mosqueda

Flush and Reset


Known as A.K.A. The Healer in the Blues world! 

David Mosqueda has the gift of healing both mental and physical pain. He can take away both mental and physical pain from the body through physical touch, through energy work/healing. He says he can cross both fields of energy by readjusting, removing and relieving tension and stress with the body. 

He has helped many MMA fighters,Blues and other musicians. 

He is the Founder of “Flush and Reset”

Good for the mind, body and soul!


  1. Rotha

    This was a great example of healing through the brain/body connection. Thank you for the presentation!

    • lovelaughterleadership@gmail.com

      I could not agree more, we had fun and after I had the opportunity for him to work on me. It has helped tremendously.

  2. Michele

    I have never seen anything like thy. Very fascinating


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