Dr. S. Alexandria Mary McCracken (Dr. S.A.M)


Dr. S.A.M. 

S. Alexandria McCracken-Gilbert,

Doctor of Traditional Medicine & Divinity with Biophysics and Metaphysics ⚜️ Cert. Medical Diocese⚜️

(A Clergy: A Cherokee & Messianic Zionism – A Jewish Nazarene ⚜️The Hand of Moses ⚜️)

-Emergency Prayer Counselor & Chaplin⚜️

-Commodities & Product Trade ⚜️

-Project Management & Event Placement ⚜️

Programs Include:
-The Celestial Lifestyle Coaching & Guidance Program ⚜️
-The Reversal & Prevention of Dis-Ease; (Diseases & Illnesses) ⚜️
  -The Reversal & Prevention Diseases & Illnesses Protocols ⚜️
  -The Return To Joy Program (To Reverse Both Trauma & Illnesses) ⚜️
-Travel Sicknesses & Illnesses Specialty ⚜️

High Trauma Specialty: 
-Self Care for Emergency Practitioners ⚜️
-High Trauma, Domestic Violence & Abuse & Trauma Recovery Specialist (Certif., State of Utah) ⚜️
-High Trauma from Abuse & Violence Specialty & Sexual Assault Counselor (Trained & Certif., UCASA) ⚜️
-QPR Suicide Prevention Certif. (State of Utah, WCHD) ⚜️
-FEMA/CERT Certif. (Wasatch County)
-Red Cross Certif. ⚜️


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