Emmy Marie

Rejecting Shame and Cultivating Self Compassion


Emmy is a trauma survivor, coach, and writer who is committed to helping other survivors own their stories, reject shame, and “bloom forward” towards a life of joy, creativity, and hope. She believes in the power of community in healing trauma, which is why she created the instagram @Blooming_Forward, where she shares her writing on trauma recovery with the intention of helping other survivors & community members (over 40,000 of them!) see they are not alone, and that healing is possible. She also provides high-level support to clients via 1:1 online coaching to help them reclaim their power and make huge shifts towards a brighter future. Emmy lives in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys cooking, going on long walks, and watching the Office when she’s not obsessing over the latest trauma research.


  1. Michele

    “Lightbulb”. After listening to this interview, I finally realized I may have forgiven but have not allowed myself to heal.

    • lovelaughterleadership@gmail.com

      I sometimes feel acknowledging the need for healing is the hardest part. Too often with trauma we want to focus outward for many reasons both conscious and unconsciously. Once we take that first step of owning/acknowledging our own healing we become empowered to allow and truly accept where we are at.

      Bravo!! You took the first step!! I hope you find a resource or tool here that helps you start your personal healing journey!



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