Melissa Russo

Essentail Oils and the Path to Emotional Freedom


Melissa Russo, Young Living Leader & Lifestyle Educator, comes to us with a unique perspective from the Hoslistic Health World. Melissa has over 2 decades of experience in various yoga, bodywork and energy modalities, is the founder of children’s nonprofit, Yoga Journeys, and is fueled with passion for Empowerment and focuses on sharing Lifestyle skills, tools, and habits that determine 95% of our health. 

Her roots began with studying an Integrative approach to Health and Wellness at through the Pennsylvania State University’s BioBehavioral Health Program. Melissa’s continued studies and certifications in various yoga traditions and bodywork practices allowed her to offer solutions & strategies for self care, but it wasn’t until Young Living came into her life that she experienced the POWER of essential oils as well as the equally important aspect that Environmental Factors play in determining our health and that simply reducing toxins in our homes and personal care regimens are equally powerful lifestyle factors that we can integrate into our healthy diet, exercise and stress management choices.

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  1. Michele

    Really enjoyed listening to this experience. Very fascinating about the vibrations in relation to emotions.


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