Dr. Shane Creado

PTSD and sleep


Dr Creado is a physical therapist, double board-certified brain health specialist, sleep specialist, sports psychiatrist and integrative psychiatrist. He works not only on the treatment of sleep disorders, but also on perfecting and optimizing sleep, thereby boosting sports performance and workplace productivity. He is on the board for the International Society for Sports Psychiatry, and works with the NBA Players Association, PGA tour Europe, USOPC (US Olympic and Paralympic Committee) and Amen Clinics. 

He is the author of Peak Sleep Performance: The Cutting-Edge Sleep Science That Will Guarantee A Competitive Advantage, which debuted #1 in Sports Medicine on Amazon in March 2020. 


  1. Michele

    Really enjoyed this interview. Have a better understanding how sleep is impacted by habits and emotional trauma. Also enjoyed the tools to help with better sleep vs depending on medication

    • Shannon Vanderzwaag

      I am so glad that you gained a deeper understanding of the sleep cycle and the impact it has on trauma.


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